Staying Positive During a Global Pandemic

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The year is 2020. Wildfires consume Australian wildlife. Locust outbreak plagues East Africa. A global pandemic casts a shadow over every corner of the world. And we're but a quarter of our way through the year. So much uncertainty and underlying anxiety has pried its way into the backs of our minds and taken residence. To get trapped in the mind, emotionally pinned down by everything we have absolutely no control over. It's overwhelming. We are dodging invisible bullets on a daily basis, so it makes sense that the current fabric of society is woven with fear and anxiety.

But as promised by the law of duality in the universe, where there is bad, there is always good.

I urge anyone reading my words here, to think deeply about this good and bad paradigm. Take a moment, clear out your thoughts, and sit still with your mind. Move the mental spotlight off the realities in your life that you currently feel are bad and scary. Reposition that spotlight, on everything that you feel is good in your life today. Did you wake up in a nice, cozy bed? In a home that provides both heat in the winter, and shelter through the storms? Bring your attention to the things in your life that, perhaps, you've been blindly and habitually taking for granted. Do you have access to running water? A closet full of clothes to dress yourself? A bathroom to clean yourself? A refrigerator and stove to feed yourself?

Staying positive during a global pandemic does not mean you have to be happy and radiate unicorn energy all the time. Staying positive means building a mental foundation out of gratitude, faith, and love. Once you solidify the grounds of your mental landscape, you can more comfortably make your way through this otherwise impossibly difficult time.

Every morning when I wake up, I lay still for a couple of minutes before the day is started. I close my eyes, and open my senses. I feel my warm bed hugging my body, and I marinate in the silence of the morning. I give thanks to be experiencing another day. I lay there, feeling powerful waves of gratitude as I think of my family's health and safety during this time, as well as my own. I acknowledge the millions of people in the world who are experiencing this new day in a myriad of different ways. I pour out feelings of compassion and humility for all the struggles being faced in the world, before melting back into my gratitude for this new day. The miracle of life itself. The energy in my bedroom shifts higher, and I can start my day with joy.

Gratitude, faith, and love. Every person who reads this could have a totally unique practice of faith, but I argue that when facing a global pandemic, any differences in the politics of religion seize to have relevance. All of our faith is connected through the same underlying essence of the word.

When I think of faith, I think of the moon controlling the tides, skin scabbing over a wound, and leaves changing color, dying, and rebirthing, all along a seasonal cycle that was put in place far before humans arrived on this planet.

We can collectively agree that there is a higher intelligence that transcends the human mind and our physical bodies. The same intelligence that created the cosmos, our organs, and the blueprint for the miracle of life. By holding on tightly to faith, we are reminded of the fact that there is something much grander at play here. My anxieties of the coronavirus and all the evil things in this world are coated with a sense of ease, as I remember that there is a universal cosmic intelligence guiding life. At the end of the day, our ability to surrender to the universe is what will bring us eternal peace.

Gratitude. Faith. And love.

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