A Little Bit About Me

I graduated from college, and watched from afar as everyone in my sight began applying for big girl and big boy jobs. If the opposite of ready had a face, I was wearing it as a mask. 


I decided to go against the norm that was being shoved down my throat, and as per intuitive guidance, went on a solo trip to Indonesia instead. 

I remember the feeling I felt, as the flight landed in Qatar for its layover. Tears filled my eyes.

Happy tears. Proud tears.

For my first time traveling alone - against all my fears and imaginary limitations - I had gotten myself to the Middle East.

Solo travel taught me that my life didn't have to be lived trotting along a societal hamster wheel. It taught me that I could learn life's most valuable lessons far outside the four walls of a classroom.

From traveling alone, I was free to experience

my first full dose of growth.

The motto of my early 20's had been carved to read:

Work, Save, Travel, Repeat.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020.


I had just recently moved back to my hometown after filling the better part of four years with this

work, save, travel, repeat


I decided it was finally time to conform to standard adulthood, so I got an entry-level job in the field that my undergraduate degree had drawn out.

Eight months later, I became consumed 

by the reality painted by my intuition.

This field of work wasn't for me.​

A haunting reality many of us face

years after conforming to and working within

 the lines drawn out by

the college degree we'd received.

But we humans are only given this lifetime for a very short,

and limited supply of time.

So, following my heart the best I knew how, 

I quit my college-degree-awarded job 

in pursuit of following my passion

To be a writer


That was back in 2016.

And now, here we are.

Welcome to my pursuit